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Subject matter.

The purpose of this international ideas competition is to select creativity and design work for the creation of the as yet unpublished image of the “Zamora Brand”, for use by government bodies, institutions, companies and individuals in accordance with the Corporate Identity Manual of the Zamora Brand and its Regulations.

The Zamora Brand will be used in all future communication media developed for the promotion of the province.


The Competition is open to individuals and legally constituted entities, whether Spanish or foreign, as single candidates or in teams, provided that they have full legal capacity.

No more than one Competition entry per author will be permitted, whether created individually or in partnership with other authors participating in the Competition.

Competition entries .

Competition entries submitted by contestants must be original work, based on the construction of an attractive and distinctive brand inspired by the values and resources of the province of Zamora and the emotions and feelings the province conveys.

The image must be versatile and adaptable, since it will appear alongside a range of logos of government bodies, institutions and/or companies, and must be usable in different formats, media and/or spaces.

Form of competition entries.

The creation of the Zamora Brand is a free and open process. We recommend, but do not require, that the Brand include the word “Zamora”.

Each proposal must be submitted in foam board in the size 50×70 cm (vertical), with all colour and structure applications that the designer believes necessary for a proper representation of the Brand.

The foam board must also include a brief theoretical explanation of the structure and design, and all the applications in different media/spaces that the designer believes would be suitable.

In addition to the foam board submission, the competition entry must be submitted electronically in the form of a CD, DVD, USB thumb drive, memory card, etc., in JPG, PNG or TIFF format, with a minimum resolution of 300 ppi.

Proposals may include a tagline, phrase or slogan. If so, the contestant must explain such addition with reference to the name and personality of the Brand, and how it might strengthen and support its visibility.

The final decision on whether or not to tie the tagline to the logo will rest with the Asociación para el Desarrollo Zamora10.

The documents may be created using such technique(s) as the contestant believes best suited and most consistent with his or her project. The board must be capable of effectively explaining the competition entry, and must be in the form of a medium that necessarily embraces a full vision of the project.

Competition stages.

The Competition will comprise the following stages:

  1. Announcement. Publication in online and offline media of the terms and conditions of the Competition.
  2. Submission of competition entries. Contestants submit their entries by the means and within the deadline set out in the terms and conditions.
  3. Appointment of the judging panel. The appointment of the judging panel will be made public on the websites of the Ayuntamiento de Zamora, Diputación Provincial de Zamora, Asociación para el Desarrollo Zamora10, Caja Rural de Zamora, Cámara de Comercio, Industria y Servicios de Zamora, the Zamora chapter of CEOE-CEPYME, and AZEHOS.
  4. Selection of winning entry. The judging panel shall select the winning entry on the basis of its assessment criteria.
  5. Decision. A decision shall be made by the competent body to award the prizes under these terms and conditions.
Submission of competition entries.

Proposals must be submitted in a sealed envelope/package, with the sender’s information, containing two sealed envelopes identified only by the text ‘envelope 1’, and ‘envelope 2’, respectively, with the following content:

  1. Envelope 1: The contestant’s identifying data (name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and any other data identifying the contestant), together with an undertaking of responsibility as to title to intellectual property (Appendix I to the Terms and Conditions).
  2. Envelope 2: The proposed design mounted on a foam board support measuring 50×70 cm, vertical, together with an account of prospective uses in media and products and a brief explanation of the competition entry.

Within this envelope, and without any identification or text, another envelope containing the electronic medium provided must be enclosed.

Neither envelope may bear any text or identification of the sender.

The Asociación para el Desarrollo Zamora10 shall reject and not consider any competition entry that fails to meet these requirements.

Place of submission of competition entries.

Contestants must submit their entries and the required documentation at the headquarters of the Asociación para el Desarrollo Zamora10, c/ San Torcuato 11, bajo, 49004 Zamora, Spain.

Entries must be sent certified by post/courier or any other similar means, and in all cases postage paid.


The deadline for submission of proposals is 30 April 2020 at 23:59 hours UTC+1 (Central European Time in Madrid, Spain).

Prizes .
  1. A single prize of USD 10,000 –TEN THOUSAND UNITED STATES DOLLARS- shall be awarded to the contestant who submitted the design of the image of the Zamora Brand that is finally selected.
  2. The jury shall select two runners-up, with no financial reward, who shall be announced and given publicity alongside the winning entry.
  3. The prize money is subject to withholding tax in accordance with applicable Spanish law.

The winning entry will be made public on the websites of the Ayuntamiento de Zamora, Diputación Provincial de Zamora, Asociación para el Desarrollo Zamora10, Caja Rural de Zamora, Cámara de Comercio, Industria y Servicios de Zamora, the Zamora chapter of CEOE-CEPYME, and AZEHOS.

Judging panel.
  1. The selection of the winning brand design will be made by a judging panel of three reputable experts in the field of advertising and communication. The members of the judging panel will be advised by selected citizens of Zamora who can provide insight into the distinctive character of the province of Zamora.
  2. The chairman of the judging panel shall be chosen from among its members.
  3. The members of the judging panel will be appointed and selected by the Zamora10 Governing Board. Once the judging panel has been formed, its members will be announced on the websites of the Ayuntamiento de Zamora, Diputación Provincial de Zamora, Asociación para el Desarrollo Zamora10, Caja Rural de Zamora, Cámara de Comercio, Industria y Servicios de Zamora, the Zamora chapter of CEOE-CEPYME, and AZEHOS.
  4. In addition to assessment of the creativity and design work submitted by contestants, the judging panel shall, as required, construe these terms and conditions and decide on any question that may arise by reason of this competition.
  5. The judging panel may propose that the Competition be declared void if the designs submitted by contestants do not meet the aims of the Competition and the expected level of quality.
  6. The General Manager of the Asociación para el Desarrollo Zamora10 shall act as secretary of the judging panel, without voice or vote.
Basis of assessment.

The winning entry shall be that which, in the judging panel’s opinion, best identifies and represents the Province of Zamora. Originality, creativity and artistic quality will be taken into account.

Each element of the basis of assessment scores as follows:

Basis Maximum score
Design: Attractive, original, clear, with appealing and unique aesthetics. up to 20
Artistic value: Communicative, symbolic. up to 25
Identity: Inspired by the values and resources of the Province and the emotions and feelings it conveys, with a clear identification of the Brand with the province of Zamora. up to 25
Versatility: Adaptable to objects and spaces and the sectorial diversity of Zamora, while preserving a unity of image. up to 15
Adaptation: Can be shown alongside the logos of government bodies, institutions and companies. up to 15

For each of the criteria, the maximum score will be awarded to the proposal that best meets the specified requirements.

Decision of the judging panel.

The judging panel will have a maximum period of three months, starting from the end of the deadline for submission of entries, to make a decision on the competition.

The judging panel’s decision will be final.

Duties of winning contestants.

The winning contestant must:

  1. Notify the competent body of whether they accept or reject the award, within fifteen days from notification of the decision. If acceptance is not expressly notified, the winning contestant will be deemed to have rejected the award.
  2. Produce a basic corporate identity manual around their competition entry, setting out the key graphical elements of the brand and explaining how they must be visually applied, online and offline, while providing the information specified in Appendix II to these Terms and Conditions. The manual must be produced within a deadline of 60 business days from the date of notification to the winning contestant of the judging panel’s decision.
  3. A letter giving effect to a transfer of intellectual property rights in and over the emblem, tagline, phrase, concept, and basic graphical identity manual or style guide constituting the competition entry for the benefit of Asociación para el Desarrollo Zamora10 on the terms set out in section 18 of the Terms and Conditions.
  4. Submit all documents required by these terms and conditions.
  5. Actively cooperate and take part in actions to promote and raise visibility of the “Zamora Brand”, including interviews, promotional events, and so forth.
  6. The winning contestant must personally travel to Zamora to accept the prize and take part in the promotional event then hosted, unless he or she must be absent on reasonable grounds, in which event he or she may appoint a representative.
  7. Be available to advise, on a non-profit basis, on the use of the brand in other media not initially specified.
Rights and obligations of Zamora10.

The rights and obligations originally acquired by Asociación para el Desarrollo Zamora10 in connection with the conduct of this Competition, and any rights arising from it, shall continue in effect until any change in legal form undergone by Asociación para el Desarrollo Zamora10 in future, or its replacement by a new entity.

Payment of the prize money.

Payment of the prize-money shall be made after completion of all formalities and procedures required for that purpose, and shall be subject to withholding tax under Spanish law.


The following shall be regarded as a breach:

  1. Plagiarism, in whole or in part, of the brand and/or tagline or slogan submitted in a competition entry.
  2. Falsity of the details provided.
  3. Obtaining the prize in fraud of these terms and conditions.
  4. Failure, in whole or in part, to discharge the duties set out in section 14 of this document.

Any of these events of breach shall be grounds for reimbursement of any amount received.

Any conflict with third parties by reason of their intellectual property shall be the sole responsibility of the contestant submitting the competition entry.

Rights of ownership and return of competition entries.
  1. The contestants provide a warranty that they are individually the original creators of the submitted proposals and ideas, and that none of them infringes any third party intellectual property right, actually or potentially, and that they are clear of any encumbrance or charge, such that they shall be expressly liable for any claim that may be made in this respect against Asociación para el Desarrollo Zamora10.
  2. Title to any intellectual property right in or over the winning competition entry shall rest, for an unlimited period, in all the countries and languages of the world, with Asociación para el Desarrollo Zamora10.
  3. Therefore, Asociación para el Desarrollo Zamora10 may freely exploit and use, in whole or in part, the proposal or idea in accordance with the terms of the above paragraph and, moreover, may copy, process or communicate it, wholly or partly, in any manner existing now or in future, by means of Asociación para el Desarrollo Zamora10 itself or any third party appointed by it.
  4. As the case may be, the winning contestant undertakes to give effect to any transfer required at law for Asociación para el Desarrollo Zamora10 to hold that title on the terms and conditions set out above. The transfer referred to above must at all events be made gratuitously. Asociación para el Desarrollo Zamora10 in no event makes any undertaking, and shall be under no duty or obligation, to exploit or use the proposal or idea that is declared the winning entry of the competition.
  5. The foregoing notwithstanding, the author shall retain his or her moral rights in and over his or her proposal, and may use it in academic and curricular venues. Asociación para el Desarrollo Zamora10 may, using such media as it thinks fit, disclose his or her name.
  6. Merely by requesting participation in the competition, contestants expressly consent and agree that Asociación para el Desarrollo Zamora10 may use and publish their names and other details or photographs made for any informational or promotional activity directly or indirectly relating to the competition.
  7. The author of the winning entry may not, whether wholly or partly, use elements, fragments, and/or the selected design in other work or projects he or she may undertake in future.
  8. Contestants who so wish may request that their competition entries be returned to them one month after the judging panel’s decision. If such material was sent by ordinary post or by means of a transport agency, it shall be returned in that same way to the author, if so requested, postage unpaid.
Acceptance of the terms and conditions.

Participation in this competition implies awareness and acceptance of the entirety of these terms and conditions and of the decision of the judging panel by the contestants.

The Judges


Considerado uno de los publicistas más influyentes del mundo.

En 1975 fundó la agencia Bassat & Asociados denominándose a partir del 2004 como Bassat Ogilvy.

Ha sido reconocido con más de 400 premios publicitarios.

Doctor Honoris Causa por la Universidad Europea de Madrid de la que es Presidente del Consejo Asesor Universitario, Miembro del European Council de la Universidad Ben-Gurion del Negev, Vicepresidente de la Fundación Ernest Lluch entre otras muchas distinciones y colaboraciones al progreso social.


Diseñador gráfico e ilustrador de gran reconocimiento profesional.

Ha desarrollado su actividad creativa en diversos campos: ilustraciones para las revistas Vogue, El Europeo, Madrid me mata, Sur Exprés, Cambio 16, El País Semanal, entre otras muchas.

Trabaja para empresas como: Canal+, Hermés, Loewe, Centro Dramático Nacional, Universidad Carlos III, Ayuntamiento de Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid, etcétera. Profesor de señalética y diseño gráfico en el Instituto Europeo de Diseño y en la Universidad San Pablo CEU, Profesor de dibujo en la Escuela Sur del Circulo de Bellas Artes, Creador de los logos y señalización del Insalud, Museo de Altamira, Metro Ligero de Madrid, Centro Dramático Nacional, Bibliotecas Públicas Nacionales, Joy Eslava, entre otros muchos trabajos.


Diseñador, editor de libros.

Dirige una de las oficinas de diseño e imagen más importantes de España, que ofrece servicios integrales de comunicación: gráfica, visual, arquitectónica y multimedia.

Responsable del diseño y de la imagen del Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid. Profesor del Instituto de diseño y Teoría de las Artes de la Universidad Autónoma y del Instituto Europeo de Diseño. Actualmente imparte cursos de diseño en el Máster de Edición de Santillana.