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International competition


Can you create an innovative, functional and beautiful design to represent Zamora in the world?

The Asociación para el Desarrollo Zamora10 is a non-profit association, on record as a provincial development association in the Register of Associations of the Junta de Castilla y León on 27 March 2018 with registration number 0002872, FIRST section.

It was formally constituted by the savings bank Caja Rural de Zamora, the chamber of commerce, Cámara Oficial de Comercio, Industria y Servicios de Zamora, the Zamora chapter of the CEOE-CEPYME business association, the hospitality industry association of Zamora, AZEHOS, and the retail industry association of Zamora, AZECO.

The national Government’s delegation, Subdelegación del Gobierno en Zamora, the regional government, Junta de Castilla y León, the provincial council, Diputación Provincial de Zamora, and the city council, Ayuntamiento de Zamora, are all supporters of this business‑led civic initiative.

Zamora10 is a venture aimed at the development and implementation of strategic projects that encourage activity in and promote the Province of Zamora.

It is widely known that the brand of a TERRITORY is a powerful element of differentiation. Territories must be suitably positioned to become more attractive and competitive. Hence the Asociación para el Desarrollo Zamora10, to raise the visibility of the Province of Zamora, now launches the International Ideas Competition for the Promotion of the Province of Zamora, Spain, through the creation of an image of the “Zamora Brand“.

We therefore invite proposals from any individuals and corporations interested in taking part in this international ideas competition.